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I live in a very beautiful part of the world, in between the Australian Rain Forrest and the most Easterly Point of Australia.  The birds in this area are amazing to watch, so clever how they work together to gather food, you see them in our back yard calling each other when they find a good feed. I love waking up… or trying to wake up before the laughing kookaburra begins in the morning at about 6am. 

Birdlife Australia says its 2015 Australian birds report shows dwindling numbers of some common birds, like the willy wagtail, kookaburra and magpie-lark and this should be a wake-up call.

Hello…it’s me

What on earth does one write on ones post pages?   It seems a difficult task to build a website about yourself…to display who you are or who you want people to think you are.  We live in a funny world…a time where our websites/blogs/facebook page are like our previous school projects awaiting comments or that A+ /like from the teacher.

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I love it when the sunsets and rises near water

I always feel at home when I see the ocean…the rolling waves crashing against the shore, the fresh wind accompanied by the cloud filtered light that changes colors as they roll past. The  lovely line that divides the sky from the Ocean…LOVE IT!

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